#SL ADITI Grid Problems

This last week we started seeing problems in ADITI. Or at least I just started hearing about them and running into them myself.

BUG-775No L$ on Aditi – 14/Nov/12

BUG-762I lost de uploads mesh and all lindens in aditi grid. – 13/Nov/12

BUG-807unable to use our inventory on the beta seconlife ..stuck on the log on screen.. as well i have partial access to inventory… passwords 3-5 times changed in 2 weeks – 16/Nov/12

BUG-809Bug – 807 occurs on multiple viewers as well i am not the only person affected it happens as well from viewer second life will post my viewer details – 16/Nov/12

BUG-810ON BETA GRID part of the inventory never works. Sometimes stuck in login screen for hours. Sometimes AV and inventory not rezzing at all. – 16/Nov/12

Maestro Linden says some of the ADITI problems were due to a hard disk filling up. That supposedly has been taken care of. But, I am still having problems logging in or doing much of anything on ADITI.

If you are seeing these problems, file a JIRA and reference the JIRA item that is most similar to what you experienced.

3 thoughts on “#SL ADITI Grid Problems

  1. The Lindens say that the Aditi problem (disk filling up) is likely to keep recurring until they get a permanent fix in (which they have identified). Until then they are emptying the disk manually when there are problems.

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