#SL Mesh Deformer Update

Whirly Fizzle has been doing some poking at the Deformer. She He sees it as working very well with avatar physics. She He has made some new Collada files and uploaded them to test with the Deformer.

We still need more clothes to test with. The lack of test items is slowing the QA process for the Deformer. Apparently the testing clothes in the closet were uploaded with a previous version of the Deformer Project Viewer. So, they don’t deform. Oz Linden is going to clean the closet out. So, there will be just about nothing in it.

For weeks we have been trying to get people to provide test clothes. This is an old problem in Second Life. People like to complain about the Lab not getting things right, but when people are asked to help, they don’t. They will however be quick to rave and rant about what the Lab SHOULD have done.

The best we can do is send notices to our favorite mesh designers and ask them to help and more responsibly provide something ourselves.

7 thoughts on “#SL Mesh Deformer Update

  1. Is there a wiki page, or numerated instructions anywhere of how to proceed with sending test meshes?

    I always see call to actions to submit test meshes but never any simple instructions how to.

    Specifically sticky is the “content contribution agreement” deal if that’s really a prerequisite. That reaks of having to print, sign, scan, email/fax.

    If it doesn’t already exist, it’d be really helpful if someone presented a step-by-step guide of how to get a test mesh to whoever that needs it. For a lot of us our only connection to server and viewer development is reading this blog so we don’t know the who’s who and what’s what about what is otherwise something simple and easily done.

    • I’ve been writing about submitting test clothes I forget not everyone has read this blog forever…

      The original request for test clothes is: Mesh Garments needed for testing Deformer. It has the instructions.

      An alternate way of providing test clothes is to put them in the Market Place for L$0. If you do, be sure to note which version of the viewer you used to upload the item. You can get the version numbers in the viewer’s Help-> About… Also, send an email to Oz Linden with a link to the item in the MP.

      • Thanks, and yes I imagine a lot of us would be clueless if it weren’t for this blog, so you sharing links like that forum post from Oz is helpful. I’d never seen it before. They really should sticky that and cross-post it in relevant forums other than Fashion even though I guess that is the most common sense location.

  2. Personally, I think it’s done and ready to go out the door.

    Anyone using it more than just clothing (avatars) would be just abusing it and they will abuse it anyway. Didn’t realize Deformer was created solely for clothes.

    The devs has done great job on it. Wishing they would work on Avatar 2.0 though.

    • Many of us would like Avatar 2.0. But, I doubt that is going to happen. A possible 1.2 with a slightly better weighting and polygon layout might happen. But, nothing significant enough to break existing content.

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