Oskar Linden Gone?

It seems this rumor is more fact than rumor. I think it is a tragedy. Oskar has been one of the more communicative Lindens.

So, what hard evidence do we have? The best I have seen is from Jessica Lyon, the lead in the Firefox Development Team. While I often disagree with her take on facts, I’ve never seen her get the basic facts wrong. She made a statement Saturday on the SLUniverse forum. See post: #21.

In this post she avoids characterizing the information. She does voice her feelings regarding the drama surrounding the information.

There is a post in the thread #62 that is supposedly from Oskar. If that is his post, then it is the authoritative statement on what happened.

There really is very little information on what happened. I will miss Oskar.

4 thoughts on “Oskar Linden Gone?

  1. http://www.sluniverse.com/php/vb/general-sl-discussion/77915-so-oskar-linden-fired-not-3.html#post1667513

    The photos linked in his post seem to validate the poster and the alternate 2yr old Oskar account talking in Beta group chat is pretty convincing that the rumor is sadly fact.

    • Wow, just wow. And now what? Who will be the one in touch with the community?
      This is getting really odd and the reasson given in that post doesnt seems to have sense at all. Why would LL take down such a good employe? What gets LL making such quick decisions asides of making its employe scared of participate with the comunity to not get fired? Just incredible and sad. Oskar, Nyx and Davep have been always very helpful.

      • We will never know for sure what happened. Communication from the Lab is disappearing… I suppose that is to be expected. There are simply too many uninformed people ranting about things they don’t understand and doing it in an abusive way. Reading the Deploy post this week and for the few previous weeks already reveals a shift in the tone of that conversation.

        Why the politics of the Lab called for the removal of Oskar… no one, outside of the decision maker, may ever know. As users our idea of a good employee are different then the Lab’s managers ideas.

        We also don’t know if it was a ‘quick’ decision.

        Whatever the case, I will miss Oskar.

  2. Oskar’s actual post, explaining everything, is revealing.
    Very depressing…..

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