Sudden Massive Lag Update

This continues to be a problem for event managers. Toysoldier is getting more and more Lindens to look at the forum thread for BUG-355Increased Instant Sim Lag & Avi Crashes During Major Events – sim network issue. (Limited access)

Andrew did not realize people were putting in the tech info needed to actually find the problem in the logs. I hope he has realized and taken a look at the thread: Increase in Instant SIM LAG & Crashes During Larger Events – Network Source?

Simon has responded in the thread: M7808.

Thanks for the reports, Toy … there’s some good information there that seems to shows the simulator getting into trouble when there are network problems.

If you are seeing the problem in your travels through the grid, read the thread so you know what to report and add your information. Please do not add noise. Just saying, “I saw that. Me too.” doesn’t help and actually hurts the process.

Toysoldier asks:

Next time one of your sims encounters one of these major lag events…. take a snapshot of the Advanced Performance screen and post it here.  The important stats to look at are related to the NETWORK stats. 

What has been initially noticed (and we would like more evidence of it from stale sims) is that some event triggers the the sim or the server kernel’s network driver or something related to the network to not process network packets at a normal flow.  Even at a low avi count and with other metrics looking normal, the network stats show unusually high pending downloads and very high un-acked packets.

But, we need more examples (snapshots of the performance stats) of a sim when it has fallen into this state.  Also make sure you mention date/time and the name of the sim. 

The thread: Increase in Instant SIM LAG & Crashes During Larger Events – Network Source?

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