Interesting Things Week 36

I’m not much on writing about places in Second Life™. I leave that to Honour McMillan as she does it so well. There is the place I find ever so often that I want to say something about and then I write something. It is the same with fashion.

From ICON Magazine – September Issue

For them writing about technical stuff is obviously not the joy of their day. They do mention techy things, like Honour mentioning the tiling bug, which I’ve never seen. But, I seldom capture hi-rez images. I suppose that is why. I can’t find a JIRA for it either. Oh well, something else to watch for.

Juicy Bomb – A Fav

I’m a voracious reader. Obviously this blog in a summary of much of the information I consume. I tend to focus my writing on tech stuff I think readers will find interesting. But the largest portion of my SL reading is about fashion… would believe? My reader has 11 links into fashion aggregators and blogs.  That section of the reader alone can provide 50 to several hundred articles per day. My favorites are Juciy Bomb’s and Strawberry Singh’s blogs. I love their photography. The iheartsl Second Life Fashion and Community Feed Blog is the most prolific aggregator. SLuicide Girls is a wonderfully trashy but infrequently published. The Daily Look was a favorite, it seems to have died.

Calan Diva Region – Click

I seldom write about the things I find in my fashion reading. I did find a beautiful world looking for a gorgeous top I saw. In a region named CalanDiva there is a store, which didn’t have my top – the fashion blogger neglected to include information on the top but has some location for other parts of the outfit, so I was searching in hopes. But finding a pretty region was pleasing. It is just one of those places I find so pretty.

ICON Magazine – Strawberry Singh as Cover Girl

I found Strawberry writing about being in ICON magazine. I was way flattered when Levity Magazine did an article on me. Strawberry is pretty much a cover girl, way more than I am. When I think style I think Strawberry. So, I find it no surprise she made the cover. Congratulations. I suppose I’m turning into a fan girl, I was off to read the article/interview (page 110) as soon as I found out about it.

I was curious about the magazine, so I started at the front. There is some great photography in the magazine. I actually enjoyed looking at the ads. There are some shops I WILL be visiting… like today. There are some gorgeous hunky male models. The magazine has a nice section on male fashion… using male and fashion together just seems wrong to me.

There is an interesting article by Luc Fray on Gor. A bit of information on the author of Gor and a region named Temos that is an SL Roleplay region. They are more serious about their roleplay than most roleplay regions in SL. So, DO NOT plan to visit and wear an observer tag at least that is what I took away reading the article. I’ll have to dress for a visit and get into RP mode to check it out. No OCC in local chat.

Sensuous Soulstar wrote and article about MESH homes: Mesh Out My Home. This is an interesting take on the state of building in Second Life. I see mostly new people and long time SL builders complaining about mesh in SL and how it is ruining their prim count. So, this is, for me, a refreshing viewpoint on mesh building.

I finally got to page 110 of the 202 pages. Strawberry’s most difficult part of blogging is getting the styles together… right… pros do tend to make things look easy. I would have never guessed. I’ll not write any more spoilers and leave you to check out the interview with Strawberry.

At page 148 there is an article on Pathfinding written by Sensuous Soulstar. It is an interesting take on Pathfinding for the non-technical peeps. I disagree with Sensuous that Pathfinding requires more learning than building with mesh. Pathfinding is the easy part of making a character move about. Prior to Pathfinding moving characters was a large, tedious task. Now it is way easy.

Bloomy Miles (page 140) is another SL photographer the magazine interviews in this issue. There is some serious talent in Second Life. Like so many have said before me, getting this art out on the net would provide the attraction to interest many in Second Life.

The ICON magazine is interesting and nice to the eyes. I have a new inclusion in my reader:

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