Group Editing Update Week 35

Baker Linden gave us an update on the large group editing fixes that are in progress saying, I just finished up most of the group management stuff. The viewer is loading data successfully, and it should display everything as it did before. I’ll probably hold off on pushing it to QA until Tuesday, as I really don’t like dong commits late in the day, the day before the weekend. But I’m going to get everything ready to go out first thing Tuesday.

Baker is the Tree…

I’ll be working with Oz Linden to help me figure out how to deliver a developer preview build of the viewer for people to see the new code, and I’ll be working on documenting the new way group data is managed.

I haven’t made [a code repository one] yet. I will once I get a hold of Oz next week. I’m hoping everything will be available on Tuesday. If not, it will be next week [week 36]. However, the server won’t know what to do with the service.

I also have to clean up a few things with the viewer code (namely, my random print debug statements and stuff). I did punt a few things though. One, for now, I’m not compressing data. I’ll have to figure out how to do that. I am also punting on providing visual feedback during the time the data is being fetched. I’m not sure it’ll be needed once it hits AGNI, as that database machine is a monster. My preliminary tests on AGNI took like a few seconds to get back 60k people. On [ADITI agni], it takes about a minute and a half for 40k people. So, it may be moot to bother including it (please note I’m completely for providing visual feedback!) I can do it, but for now, I’m going to push it off until I can talk to our UI guy. He’s not here right now, so next week I’ll talk about it [with him]. I’d rather have the code going to QA and stuff as well and the TPV devs being able to look at the code.

Anyway, thanks for being patient with me learning an absolute ton of stuff about the server and viewer code and learning python and SQL.”


The code will be going into the QA pipeline in week 36, next week. The server side will appear in ADITI on some regions. The code will go into a repository where Third Party Developers can get to it. I suspect some bugs and problems will be found, that is just normal. I would guess in 2 to 4 weeks we will see a Project Viewer for use on ADITI. Anther 2 to 4 weeks and we’ll see the code and project viewer arrive in a release channel and then in 1 or more weeks it will move to the main channel.

It seems like a slow process. But, it is a complex system and this is a significant change.

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  1. Ok, time to get nervous. I really hope they didn´t mess anything up. Groups are so important for so many people. So if we find bugs in the project viewer, where do we report them?

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