#SL News Week 35

Server Updates

All of the software packages running in the release channels had problems. So, there was no roll to the main channel. The main channel will continue to run the same software as lat week.

Release Channels

Blue Steel and Magnum will continue to run last week’s packages with some additional big fixes.

Stacked Physical Cubes

Stacked Physical Cubes

Le Tigre is going to get a revised server maintenance package.

It seems there was a security patch in the previous week that caused problems for all the release channels and is the reason none are being promoted this week. Tomorrow it will be isolated into the Le Tigre package… I think isolated. It’s a security thing so the Lindens aren’t talking.

The Blue Steel and Magnum packages will have the SVC-8124 and SVC-8155 fixes that are contributing to high bandwidth usage. The Lindens believe one of the two packages will pass, if not both, and be promoted next week.

Both Blue Steel and Magnum have the bandwidth fixes. The bandwidth fixes were working last week. So, this week will test the combination of fixes to assure they really do work together.

Odd Channel

Some people have noticed that some regions that were in the Pathfinding channel have not made it back into the main or release channels. If you find one still running a Pathfinding RC version, email lorca@lindenlab.com and let him know. These regions will not be getting updates and will fall behind, which probably means they will start to show problems.

 Interest List

This is the list of things the viewer is interested in… because you are looking at them. The efficiency of how the list is handled makes a huge difference in performance viewer and server side.

Andrew Linden got some work done on improving the Interest List code.

Havok Collision Points

For some time people have been fighting with getting roads to work well in Second Life. The subject came up again this week in the Scripting-Server UG meeting. Andrew Linden gave us some information that may help some work around the problem. See the article following this one: Havok Collision Points.

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