#SL Materials Update Week 34

We got a bit more information on the Materials system this morning in the Open Source meeting.


Oz Linden created a JIRA for the development process and bug reporting. See: STORM-1905Add support for Normal & Specular Maps.

The STORM Project is closed to creation of new items except by Lindens. Residents can add to existing items. If you are wanting to create a new item, like a feature request, create it in the VWR or VIEWER project.

Feature Requests

Oz says feature requests will probably do better in the Building & Texturing section of the Creation section of the forum. It is unlikely that any features will be considered for Phase I or the first pass at the Materials System. The Third Party Developers (TPD) and Lab have their hands full getting Materials implemented and working out coordination between TPD’s and the Lab.

After the initial pass and release of materials feature requests will be easier to implement. By then development will be in a process to support changes and add features.


Hopefully you are already aware that the JIRA is not the place for discussion. That just adds chaos to the process and buries technical information. I made a thread in Forums > Creation Forum > Building and Texturing Forum . This is the preferred location for discussion on the Second Life Materials System.

I started a thread: Normal & Specular Maps. You can, of course, start your own or add to mine.


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