One Voice Makes Initial Goal

Gala Phoenix posted (7/16) that the goal of US$20k had been reached. I want to point out that a chunk of the money is likely to go for taxes and be taken from the fight. Also, as Gala pointed out:

“$20,000 is a lot of money, but it is really the low end for a copyright lawsuit. The more I raise above that minimum, the better prepared I will be for the fight coming up. I will keep updating the total here so you’ll know what the final amount is.”

One Voice Fund Raiser

One Voice runs for a couple of more days. Please get by and purchase something. We need to fund this fight as best we can. This abuse of the DMCA is something that affects all of us in varying ways. Letting the bad guys win is just unthinkable.

One Voice SLURL

IndieGoGo82 Days remaining as of today.

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