One Voice Update

July 22 is the end of One Voice. I’m there right now as I write this. There are 4 people here. I suspect Hair Fair is drawing many people. I know I plan to visit Hair Fair soon.

There is a noticeable change in One Voice… there is way more stuff here than when I first visited. More merchants have joined the fun raiser. Come in and check it out.

One Voice SLURL

2 thoughts on “One Voice Update

  1. Perhaps you should add that the original goal of US$20 000 has been reached by the combined effort of One Voice and the IndieGoGo donation page.
    The notice went out on Monday and the blog post is at

    • Thank you!!! I had not seen or heard. I think Gala is likely to need more. She will have to count it as income and cover the taxes.

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