The Math of Energy

If you follow my writing you know I like numbers and arguments based in facts with numbers I can look at, consider, and extrapolate from.  Peter Ferrara has such an article out about the math behind green energy.  Some of the numbers are amazing and his points are well made.

Image by: C. G. P. Grey – Flickr

If you are a closed mind on green energy you’re not going to like the facts Mr. Ferrara presents. Skip the read. But, if you are concerned about the impoverished people of the world, this is an important read. If you are a true conservationist without a green radical agenda, this is the information you’ll want to know.

Green Welfare, Green Taxes, Green Poverty

Power Hungry: The Myths of “Green” Energy and the Real Fuels of the Future:

For millennia, humans relied almost completely on renewable energy. Solar energy provided the forage needed for animals, which could then be used to provide food, transportation, and mechanical power. Traveling…was made possible by the wind, human muscle, or animal muscle. And though today’s wind turbines are viewed as the latest in technological achievement, land-based systems that captured the power of the wind have been recorded through much of human history.

Mr. Ferrara:

The world changed from wind, solar, and biomass to oil, coal, natural gas and nuclear for good reasons of physics and math. First and foremost are the concepts of energy density and power density. The hydrocarbons and nuclear pack a massively more concentrated punch. The power of solar and wind are very broadly diffused throughout the atmosphere, so more than herculean efforts are needed to collect and concentrate it in usable forms. Hence we see solar panels and several hundred foot wind turbines spread out over square miles, and it still doesn’t add up to much.