#SL Server news Week 9

This week we got a roll to the main channel. This update contains some voice improvements/fixes and I think the Phase I region crossing code.

Oskar is on vacation, so Maestro will be handling the news and meetings until Oskar is back.

Blue Steel & Le Tigre

These two channels get a maintenance package that has only bug fixes.

  • SVC-7631 – New rate throttle on llGiveInventory. The throttle was loosened to 2.5k events per 15 minutes, double the previous value.
  • SVC-7660– http_request()  fails to trigger on RC Magnum
  • Fixed some other miscellaneous bugs, including a few crashers.


This channel has the region crossing project (Phase 1 Project) from last week, with an additional fix for a case in which some avatars would get stuck in a region and be unable to TP out.

Maestro confirmed in a post on 2/29 that it is the Phase I Crossing Project that made it to the main grid.

  • Features
    • Prototype threaded region cross for agents. Uses the new threaded RPC/thread state machine mechanism.
  • Bug Fixes
    • The ghosting issue has been patched.
    • Fixed some cases in which avatars got ‘stuck’ and couldn’t TP

As you can see these are identical to the items listed for the last two weeks.

We will have more information on Thursday when the Server Beta group meets.

Viewer Tags

Once the release channel roll outs complete, viewer ID tags should be gone. This is due to the recent policy change for third party viewers. The Lab’s servers are now scrubbing that information from the avatar information slots. That effectively stops your viewer from tagging your avatar as using a specific viewer. Now viewers looking for that information cannot find it, so they can not display a viewer ID tag for your avatar.

You may see a few avatars with viewer ID tags. Those are avatars that have not needed to rebake their appearance since the region they last baked in was updated. Within a day or two all viewer ID tags will have disappeared.

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