Dolphin Viewer Update

There is a new version of the Dolphin 3 Viewer out. Dolphin Viewer Download.

This version of the viewer removes Qarl’s Mesh Deformer.  You probably know that Mesh Deformer 0.2 is out and is included in some viewers. Nirans ran into some problems getting it to work. It seem Lance did too. With some question about the new viewer policies it seems Lance decided to leave it out of this version. He plans to put it back in when the Deformer is further refined.

There is a WebKit upgrade in the Linux version… I doubt Linux users follow this blog, so I seldom have much about Linux here. But, this is one of the noted changes in the release annuncement.

One nice feature added to the Dolphin Viewer is the ability to use all of the keys on your keyboard for gestures. If you have made gestures, you know that in the SL Viewer and several others you are restricted in which keys you can assign to a gesture.

Other viewers have the feature too. I find it very handy for setting up weapons and combat meters. Several meters and weapons try to use the same keys. Being able to use more keys allows one to make setups that avoid conflicts.

Oh… and make sure weapons you buy have Mod OK gestures.

The Dolphin 3 download and install is standard. No special steps needed.

The viewer is mostly stable. I used it for almost a couple of hours Monday morning and made it through the scripting meeting and a shopping spree before it crashed and vanished from my screen.

I also have problems with mesh clothes. Those wearing mesh clothes fail to rez properly if I rez into region after they arrive. Those that arrive after I do, I seem to be able to see OK.


There is still loads of confusion over the TPV Policy Changes. If you haven’t read #SL Viewer Policy Change Meeting you haven’t heard it from the Lindens. What the changes mean and why they were made is explained. I suggest you read the article and avoid lots of drama.

The Mesh Deformer is not at risk. If you use a viewer that has it, it changes what you see not what I see. The new policy is all about what YOUR viewer causes me to see with my viewer, whichever one I choose to use. Since the Deformer in your viewer does not change what I see, its inclusion or not in your viewer is not a factor.

There is some confusion because you will see something different than I do. But, that is not a policy violation because you chose to see something different. For the same reason RLV is not an issue. One has to choose to have RLV. Using RLV features affects you and those that choose to use the features. If I don’t enable RLV, the RLV functions have no affect on me.

Taking RLV a step farther… RLV allows one to control aspects of another avatar, dress, undress, and more. But, from my perspective what I see without RLV does not change. With a regular viewer the master could IM the slave to take off the clothes and the slave could take them off. So, I would see the same result, clothes coming off. RLV does not change the world. It changes the RLV users’ experience, not mine.

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