#SL Direct Delivery 1 Step Closer

Inventory Receive Section

Yesterday a new Second Life Blog post appeared on the next phase of Direct Delivery. See: Received Items Beta Launch. This post words things so it sounds as if these are two different projects. May be I just read it that way. Whatever the case, the two are dependent on each other and will be released at the same time.

How To Test

If you want to help with testing and experiment with the feature see the SL Wiki: Received Items Beta Testing.

The testing is done on the Preview/Beta Grid, ADITI. Instructions for logging into the ADITI grid are in the wiki article.

The steps to test the feature are also in the wiki. Remember. Those are the suggested steps. Once you know how to use the feature try out your ideas.

Not all ADITI regions are running the feature. These regions do have it:

Clicking the SLURL’s won’t work. Log into the ADITI grid and paste them into the location bar at the top of the viewer.

In addition to the regions within the regions are special parcels with variations of the conditions under which the features will be used; Red Parcel = No Rez – No Entry, Yellow = No Rez, Blue = No Entry, Green = Fast Auto-Return.


File bug reports in Project SVC and use the component “Inventory”.

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