Blender 2.62 Released

A new release of Blender is out. Domino Marama and Gaia Clary have been working on this version. Also, Juha Mäki-Kanto, a Blender developer, has helped with Collada Export in this version. Domino and Gaia are well known in Second Life. At least those of us that have worked with sculpties and mesh know of them.

Blender for Second Life

Gaia has published an article on the blog: Blender 2.62 supports SL meshes.

If you have not been working with mesh, this means little to you and you haven’t run into the problems of getting mesh from Blender to Second Life. For those of us dealing with the problems this is great news.

So, the effort by Domino, Gaia, and Juha are greatly appreciated.

Check out Domino’s and Gaia’s product/tools made for Second Life/Blender users.

Installing Blender

If you are considering installing Blender for the first time, I strongly suggest you read Blender Install Tips. The article is a bit old but the process remains the same.

Yes, there is a standard install program. But, avoid it. There is a better way, which the article describes. If you get into build with Blender, you will go through a frequent Blender Update process. Then you’ll find out things can get bumpy and frustrating. Avoid that and use a smarter install.

The first day or two after a new release the downloads at are slow.


I’m off to play with this new version…

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