#SL Server News Wk4 Update

The reason no new code rolled to main grid was because of problems with the diagonal region crossings code. The code failed because the utility servers in AGNI were running an older version of their software than the utility servers for ADITI. The utility servers have been updated, the diagonal crossing code has more fixes and all are now in testing in the release channels.

Test Area in Magnum Sandboxes

Can’t Login

We have been seeing a number of requests for help with ‘Can’t Login’ in the SL Forum. It seems this is caused by a problem in the region crossing code. The Linden answer to the problem for now is call support. I suggest you run through the steps here: I Can’t Login. With any luck the fix should roll to a release channel next week… but, I was a little confused on the issue. It may only be in the release channels that this problem has come up. In which case the roll to the release channels will solve the problem and it will never be rolled to the main grid.

Another take on it is that it is already fixed… the utility servers needed to be upgraded and that has been done. So, the problem may have been resolved. I watch the Answers section of the forum. I’ll probably know in the day whether the utility server upgrade fixed it.


SVC-7613 – Greatly increased network activity since the 1/18/12 RC channel rolling restart. Oskar says this item has been fixed too. I am hoping this cuts down on avatar rez fail, but it may not be related.


This had a crasher in it last week. It is back on release channel Magnum this week with new code added. Try it you’ll like it.

Oskar set up some test parcels between Magnum sandbox 3 and 4 to test llSetRegionPos(). I think those will be colored so one can see them. If not, turn on parcel boundaries. Oskar says they are easy to find. Look on the southern edge.

I found the parcels in Magnum Sandbox 4 along the East edge at the south end.

Region Crossing Code

Some time back we got word of revised region crossing code being developed. Phase 1 was rolled out and failed having to be rolled back. Now Phase 1 is back with many changes. It is currently running on Blue Steel and Le Tigre.

The new code uses a RPC/thread state machine. This is just infrastructure code. We won’t see a speed up yet or much parallel processing. We should see that start to happen in Phase 2.

This code may be adding to the “Can’t Login” problems. Hopefully the utility server upgrade will solve that problem.


SVC-7604 – llList2List() causes script crashes in RC Magnum. Kelly Linden says they have it fixed and working. The fix is in testing in ADITI and should make it to a release channel next week. Visit the regions; Ritch, Bali Hai, Rosedale, Sandbox Goguen, Minna, Sardar, or Sandbox Island Extension to test the new functions. Its uncler which regions they are actually running in. Oskar is going to post something in the… forum… blog… mailing list… somewhere. Just use your EPS. I have a list of the functions in: #SL Server News Week 3.

Vivox Voice Servers

Thursday 1/26 the voice servers were having issues. Some people were complaining of slowdowns when voice was turned on. It’s a third party service so there isn’t much the Lab can do but complain.


Some of the changes being made are foundational changes. Those are toughest to get working because they touch so many other systems. It will be nice to see some of the new code making it into the main grid.

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