The End of Kirsten’s Viewer

Today in world The Official Kirstens Viewer Group got a message from Sylvia and Lee aka Dawny and KirstenLee. The end of the Crowdfunder effort has come to an end and we are about 79% short of the goal. Lee will be closing the group.

Bye Kirsten

There is a farewell message on the blog. And Finally…

There are some interesting and in some ways disturbing statistics in the article. It seems there were 3,000 to 4,000 regular users per month. The average number of downloads were 6,000 to 8,000 per month. But, only a couple hundred of us chipped in to continue the viewer. Sad, imo.

The Niran Viewer is based on Kirsten’s Viewer. It is very different from Kirsten’s and as best I can tell has a different feature set. But, it may work for you.

My best to Sylvia and Lee.



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  2. 23-09-2012 : almost a year of pause, KirstensLee Cinquetti and their Kirstens Viewer “BACK”!

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