Dolphin Viewer 3 Update

Lance has a new release of the Dolphin viewer out: There isn’t much new in this release. The download is the same. Performance is the same.


A fix from Firestorm has been adopted. It has to do with how Tool Tips work in Inventory. Tool Tips are the popup messages we see when hovering the cursor over an item for a few sections. The SL Viewer has an annoying trait of popping up a tip that contains an inventory item’s name and hiding the item below. The colors in SLV are such it can be confusing.

The Firestorm fix limits the popup to long names that do not fit within the inventory window. So, unless an item description runs out the right side of the panel, there is no popup, which is really nice, IMO. Plus the coloring is better.


Lance has included translations. Lance is fluent in German (native) and English. Those wanting other translations will need to help out. If you want to help, post a note in the Dolphin Viewer Forum.

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