New #SL Feature llTransferLindenDollars

Today Kelly Linden posted about a new function added to the Linden Scripting Language:  llTransferLindenDollars(). The highlight of the feature is its ability to return the transaction result. You will know if they got the money, refused it, or whether it failed.

See: Upcoming LSL feature: llTransferLindenDollars and transction_result

This function is currently in testing on the ADITI or Preview/Beta Grid. It is in regions; Bethel, Fortuna and Sandbox Wanderton.

This can greatly improve the reliability of vending machines in Second Life. All those failed deliveries we have been dealing with may soon be handled by new vending machines.

Oskar was talking about it in the Beta Server Group today. He said, “…it is major Moundsa. Kelly has been working hard on it. Do all merchants a favor and hop on to ADITI and try it out.”

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