#SL Server News Week 43

Over the weekend regions going offline became a problem. On Tuesday a Grid Status notice was posted regarding the problem. So far there is little more information on the problem. There is a little more below.

Main Channel

An update running on Blue Steel and Le Tigre has been promoted to the main grid. This update has fixes and a new feature. It brings an LSL (Linden Scripting Language) function labeled  llManageEstateAccess(). Some are already using the function to build tools that lets group members ban people without the member having to be an estate manager. Very handy.

Release Channel Update Window

The Lindens are improving the Wednesday timeline for updates. The window is to be between 7 and 11 AM PD/SLT. It can take longer if the hit bumps. In general updates to all three channels should happen within the window. Magnum is updated first, then Blue Steel, then Le Tigre. So, you can approximate where in the window your region fits.


The previous package will continue to run on Magnum with some additional bug fixes. See week 42 for more details. Additions are:

  • Bug Fixes:
    • SCR-186 Collision detection does not work for some children of linked prim set
    • SVC-7251 remove automatic logout of agents that have been Away too long
    • SVC-7260 Phantom, unremovable prims
    • SVC-7297 ‘excessive instant message’ throttle kicks in when it shouldn’t
    • SCR-115 State changes considerably slower under Mono-LSL than LSO-LSL
    • SCR-22 “X-SecondLife-Owner-Name” sometimes set to ‘(waiting)’ instead of ownername
    • SVC-7321 llRemoteLoadScriptPin() fails to add O:VMCT script to OERM_ALL atchmnt
    • SVC-7294 The simulator is too strict when llGiveInventory() adds restricted-permission items to fullperm attachments which already contained other restricted-permission items
    • SVC-7339 Performance issues on LeTigre (and Main Channel)
    • SVC-7289 llCastRay() returns RCERR_CAST_TIME_EXCEEDED on small parcels.
    • Fixed various server crash modes.
  • New features:


Blue Steel & Le Tigre

Blue Steel and Le Tigre got a new package for testing this week. This is the Voice Refactoring package. It includes bug fixes for voice, code syntax errors, a voice failure because of merge issue, fixed some problems with voice in private parcels, fix disappearing voice dot, and fixed some vivox API calls.


This past week saw regions dropping offline unexpectedly. Research seems to indicate it is connected to the Operating System upgrades. The problem is causing regions to go offline. The Lindens expect to have a fix on the Release Channel this coming week.

The problem seems to center around HTTP Requests. Those using Apache may be at the heart.

Web Services from Simulator

Some work is being done to see if web services via API are going to work. If it works out, it will be available for residents use.


Andrew Linden is working on SVC-472 –  Region Crossings Fail. According to the JIRA crossing are worse. I think that may just be the bug in the 3.2 viewer that crashes every 3rd or 4th teleport.

Mesh may be contributing to the problem. Mesh clothing means more data has to transfer with the avatar. It is vehicles that place a significant transfer load on the system. The servers need the mesh data to handle physics. The Lindens won’t know if that is the problem for awhile.

Simon Linden says some of the data transfer is a threaded process, which speeds things up. They are looking at making more of the transfer use threaded processes.


SVC-292 – llVolumeDetect fails to trigger collision_start and collision_end when used in a physical object while going through nonphysical objects. Is still a topic of discussion.  Falcon Linden is still looking at what uses cases work and don’t.

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