Kirsten Viewer Stops Development

KirstenLee announced that due to health issues within the RL family, development on the Kirsten Viewer will stop.

You can read the announcement here: Sad Farewell

Image by: migasun of Flickr

The end of the Kirsten Viewer is a great disappoint for many of us. The Kirsten Viewer has been the cutting edge viewer. It built on Linden Lab technology. It has better renders and dynamic shadows than the Lab’s viewers. That cutting edge is gone.

The tragedy of a heath crisis is even sadder. My prayers go for both Dawny Daviau and Lee Quick.

One is still supposed to be able to download the S21(9) viewer at KirstenLee’s site. I can’t find the download link. The onlydownload link I can find is to S21(7a).

Within the next few weeks the S21(9) viewer will fall behind the Lab’s development pace. This was the only viewer ahead of the Lab’s viewer and keeping up with the Lab’s features. Lots of fixes for the Lab’s code were found and implemented in it before the Lab could find and implement them.

As it appears to me, other viewer developers are behind the Lab and adding new features of their own. They try to keep up with the Lab. They also make fixes for the Lab’s code. But, the change rate at the Lab is high. The high rate makes lots of work for the third party viewer (TPV) developers. So, I expect this status to remain for some time.

I will miss this viewer. It has been my choice for mesh on OpenSim and photography in Second Life.



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