#SL Beta Server User Group Week 35

As with the Sim User Group, things are a bit mundane right now. That are a few interesting things that came up in the user meeting.

Two second lags… some people are seeing short lags where the viewer sort of freezes up. One fix that has been suggested is to change the Debug Settings value for curlUseMultipleThreads. Because of some crash issues the default value is FALSE. Some say changing this to TRUE solved the mini freeze/lag problem. Try it at your own risk.

Curl typically requires a connection for each thread, afaik. So, setting curlUseMultipleThreads true may increase your number of connections. Some user modems can only handle a limited number of NAT connections. One can try to reduce the maximum number HTTP Texture Get connections to offset the cURL increase.

One of the changes rolled to the main grid was the ability for regions to detect users with Premium Accounts. That is needed for the new enhancements to premium membership. Oskar hints that other benefits than just the two announced for premium membership are coming.

The private sandbox provided the premium members is a big hit at griefers. As users are moved from free accounts to paid accounts it is much easier to control griefers. Because account payment is tied to a RL financial connection it is much harder for a banned account to come back under a new name.

LLCastRay() is still in testing in ADITI. Part of the holdup is separating problems. Until the mesh problems are known and understood, the Lindens do not want to mix in CastRay problems. Expect CastRay to make it to a release channel soon™, may be a week or two.

Rumor is Alexa Linden makes Bailys and Kahlua cupcakes that are to die for…

Le Tigre got a server maintenance upgrade. It includes: SVC-7169 – Folders are Texture Category Folders, SVC-7192 – llSetMemoryLimit – Wrong amount being reserved, SCR-162 – Bounds error when calling PRIM_LINK_TARGET in a child prim, and some server crash issues.

Maestro Linden is working on another server-maintenance package. It includes: llCastRay(), SVC-34 – Right-clicking another Resident’s moving object freezes it, and other fixes. Find DRTSIM-92 in ADITI to check it out. Plus a number of mesh bug fixes are in another region.

Magnium did not roll to the main grid. Something went wrong with the merge and resulted in regions failing to restart. So, that is being corrected. It was caught early and never made it to the release channel.

One of the coming changes will allow LSL Scripts to change prim physics material settings (friction, gravity, density, restitution). However, there are problems around allow scripts to set prims to physical. It changes PE and can cause a region to hit a prim limit and start returning prims. Changes are being made so that the last changed object it the first prim to be returned when the limit it reached.

There are some vehicle-region-crossing issues being worked on. When crossing region boundaries the new region does not always treat a vehicle as a vehicle and sometimes get returned… I suppose that could cause severe road rash.


Monday is a US holiday. We may still see Tuesday and Wednesday roll outs, or maybe not. We’ll see.

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