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I have seen many people asking what difference mesh will make in Second Life. Others want to know what the difference is between mesh and sculpties. The best answer I’ve seen is in New World Notes article: What Mesh Will Do for Second Life Fashion – Illustrated.

The source for Hamet’s article is Damien Fate’s blog. Damien is showing many of the differences between mesh, standard SL clothes, and sculpty clothes.

I’ll point out again that the clothing textures people make for their mesh clothes will be unique to their clothes. If you do not have the clothing template for a particular maker, it will be hard to make clothes for that brand. But, will creators want more people making textures for their clothes?

I expect templates for tops and skirts to vary even when made by the same maker.

Will there come to be a single basic template that most creators use? I doubt it. I do suspect that some type of market for clothes with free templates to develop. But, many residents do not make clothes. So, I’m unsure how popular or great the demand will be for a template with the clothing.

There will be full perm mesh clothes that people can buy and resell. For those creators the templates will be necessary.

So, we will see some new markets opening. People will learn more about templates and how they work with mesh.


One thought on “What Mesh Means

  1. In general 3D modeling, the term “UV map” replaces “Template”

    Remember, all the data, mesh and texture, has to go to the viewer. It’s going to be messy, but that has to include the data to make the UV map.

    It isn’t going to be quite so easy for the copy-botters, but don’t bet on Mesh being secure.

    I’m used to working in an environment that uses wide-open data files. So I’m disinclined to hide the UV map for anything I might produce. But putting them out in SL is still going to be awkward with the limits SL set. Even if you supply the template in the box the clothes come in, it’s stuck in-world, not available to your texture editor of choice.

    I do have a website. How’s Mesh going in the OpenSim world? If I want to encourage other SL users to build on my work, I think Mesh forces a lot of key elements to be distributed outside SL.

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