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The general knowledge is that there are no invites to Google+ available. is saying differently.

There is a way to invite people with Gmail addresses into Google+. Marshall Kirkpatrick invited 500 people in 20 minutes. Wow!

So, how does one do it? It seems you share something with someone by their email address. There is a time limit, only so many per hour or day or something. Everything was so vague I tracked down the source; a Jennifer 8. Here is her post.

The How To Thanks to Jennifer - Click to enlarge.

I would love an invite from someone… 🙂 hint hint

nalates DOT u AT gmail DOT com

Subtle huh?

WARNING: As of this morning (7/1) Google has a note up that the service is overloaded. New signups are stalled. They say this will change soon.

Email Links Failing

An alternative viewpoint from Gwyneth Llewelyn’s tweat, Note to Google: Microsoft Had the Right Idea


15 thoughts on “Get Your Google+ Invite

  1. Who wouldn’t want to get in on the ground floor…. I certainly do…
    (bearsilvershade AT gmail DOT com) 🙂

    • I did get the email. Thank you so much.

      However, the Google-generated-link in the email is giving a 404. I’ll try it every so often and see if they bring it back up.

      • Me too, still trying – got an invite but still got sent to the “we are over capacity” page. I will send an invite out if I do make it in.

  2. I was happy to recieve a google+ invite at the weekend and it’s going to be interesting what Google does with this new social service.

    Please could you add:my blog (updated url) to your blogroll.


  3. Yesterday using Obscure’s invitation I got into Plus. I’ve sent invitation to all that asked and several friends.

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