Second Life Mesh Schedule

Today the Lab released information on the release date for mesh. They gave us very little beyond a time line. But, we do have a time line.

Second Life Mesh Demo Videos

Phased Roll Out

In July some regions on the main grid will see mesh rolled out. Rather than roll mesh to the entire grid, the Lab will only implement it on a few regions. Between then and the end of August more regions will be mesh enabled until all the regions are mesh enabled. Of course, if they find a problem, mesh could be rolled back and the time line for full roll out moved back.

So, I’ve missed guessing the actual release date by a couple of months. Of course if there are problems, it move back several more months. I suspect the Lab has left some room for surprises in the August date. So, I expect the date to hold up.

A Glimpse of Mesh

There is little else they have told us in this announcement. The cost equations in the Wiki pages on mesh have no new updates. So, mesh upload cost and prim equivalency for tier have not be set. We probably won’t hear much about that until we see Mesh hit the Release Channels. There is no new release information for those channels today.

They did give us a few more videos. The videos explain a little more about mesh in Second Life. However, if you have been following mesh development you probably know everything said in the videos. The link is at the bottom of the image.

The Announcement: Mesh Coming to Second Life This Summer

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