Server Updates Week 18

Not much exciting stuff this week. There is some confusion as to what is happening. If I understand correctly the Maint-Server updates are still in the Blue Steel channel and they have been rolled to the main grid. The updates are a collection of fixes to known problems, a couple of bugs that crash sims and a logging thing that should help performance have been added to Blue Steel and will now be testing.

A little disappointing is the fix for jumping vehicles, the bounce as they move from prim to prim, which in testing on the ADITI grid has been removed. The fix worked with Havok 4 (which was on the main grid in mid 2010) but has been shown to create unexpected side effects with Havok 7 in ADITI. See JIRA SVC-5880 for the history of this fix. So, the lab will backup and try again.

Simulating moving vehicles in virtual worlds is a consistent problem across virtual worlds. Having a world where fans can create vehicles is novel. Building a system that handles the less than optimal vehicles built by non-professional modelers is a challenge.

Amareto Horses and other physical objects were having problems and de-rezzing in the Release Channels (RC). There is lots of discussion in the Lab about the problem. It is being addresses by pulling the fix that is causing the problem. A new fix is being rolled into the RC’s. I think getting the fix is somewhat optional but I’m not clear on that one.


This is related I suppose. The information on the wiki has been updated to show the changes in the Map API. See: Second Life Map API

Quoting from the wiki: (Rand Linden is making the wiki updates)

Extend the reach of your Web site into Second Life using the Second Life Map API, which enables you to embed interactive Second Life maps directly into your web pages. These maps look and act much like Google Maps, except that, instead of the Earth, they display the topography of the Second Life virtual world.


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