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Everyone has had trouble with the Market Place’s delivery system failing. Plus the in-world magic boxes have been an annoying pain. Moving them is a pain. Having a place for them is a drag. Well, things are going to change.

Direct Delivery Beta

Direct Delivery Beta

You may have heard that our inventory starts to have problems when we exceed more than 250 or so items in a folder. As the inventory API changes that soft limit is changing to something like 10,000 items per folder. That could be part of the change to support Direct Delivery.

The deal with Direct Delivery is Magic Boxes will no longer be needed. The market will use items in your inventory. Presumably there will be a Market Folder in inventory. Anything placed in that folder will be available for placement in the Market Place.

Brooke Linden posted in SL Forum today requesting Alpha/Beta testers for the project. If you are interested, see: Apply for the Marketplace Direct Delivery Beta Program!

It seems you will need to spend some time working with the project and need to attend some meetings and do some testing work. So, this is not a casual commitment.

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