OpenSim and LIBOMV

In OpenSim grids it is common to need to move things we have built from grid to grid. LIBOMV ( libopenmetaverse ) is a new tool for doing just that. It is a DOS Command Line (text commands and no in-world view) type program. So, you may want to look at Astra Viewer for a viewer tool for importing and exporting between grids (OpenSim Astra Viewer Review).

While Astra uses a HPA (Hierarchical Prim Archive) file type for exporting and importing, LIBOMV uses XML.

Chapter and Metaverse has a short tutorial on installing and using the tool. See: Moving Objects between Opensims. It is not as simple to use as Astra’s export/import tool.

I have yet to try the tool LIBOMV. Let me if it works for you.




4 thoughts on “OpenSim and LIBOMV

  1. Always enjoy your blog, Nalates. 🙂 But libopenmetaverse is not itself a program. It’s a bunch of libraries created around 2006-ish that handles LL’s protocol, and provides various low and high level wrappers to interact with SL compatible servers. Originally known as libsecondlife, it was renamed to avoid trademark problems.

    The tutorial you point to is for a program called TestClient, which is a sample project that comes with the libomv code. OpenSim makes extensive use of libomv, as do viewers like Radegast and many bots. Copybot also gets a dishonorable mention, and was in fact a modified ripoff of TestClient.

    Since libomv is written in C#, I suspect that the Unity based browser viewer you wrote about on March 13th makes use of it as well, since it uses mono.

    • Hi! I would like to know if someone in this blog have already use the libopenmetaverse library in C # programs and what was the purpose of using this type of library? Can someone give me some examples please of how to use libopenmetaverse?


      • You will get the best answer to our question at the OSGrid town meeting on Tuesdays at 11:00 AM PST in Wright Plaza. You may also try Justin is a major player in OpenSim and works with the server code. He is helping open up the server and viewer coding sides. So, he will likely know who is working with the library.

  2. Thanks for trying to help… i’m trying to do the upload of a texture in second life using the library but it’s very dificult to find information about how to start… 🙂
    i’m going to look at the link.
    Thanks again 🙂

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