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The KirstenLee viewer is probably thought of as a viewer built by KirstenLee Cinquetti. A recent blog post reveals that the KirstenLee Viewer is now a growing team. If you’re interested in the people behind the viewer, check out the blog post, Meeting KirstenLee and Dawny.
The post has some interesting information about how the team sees and describes the viewer. No longer do they think of it as just for photographers’ and machinimists’ viewer. They see it as more of a high-end general purpose viewer… Ok, …it’s going to be some time before my thinking changes. But, I do use the viewer more and more for everyday use in SL.

The team is considering a light weight viewer, something really stripped down and useable on light-weight computer equipment.

The Kirsten site is to get a new web site in the second quarter of 2011.

In-world there is a Kirsten Hang out, Eyefliesz.

Also there is the Kirsten Viewer Group: The Official Kirstens Viewer Group! If you use the viewer, you should join this group.


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  1. “The team is considering a light weight viewer …” This is good news indeed. I have long been a fan of Kirsten’s viewer but unable to use it on a daily basis due to my pc limitations. Will be happy to see a lightweight one for us less advanced users.

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