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Dolphin Viewer

Dolphin Viewer

Dolphin Viewer has a new version released today, The release notes are part of the announcement. See: DolphinViewer

New Stuff

Nothing really earth shaking is in this new release. This version has support for the new group limits. The proposed 40 group limit anticipated for Second Life and the higher group limits for other grids like OpenSim. The actual limit is set server side. At login the viewer gets the group limit and adapts. So, you are likely to see different limits in different worlds.

New event hosting tools are coming to Second Life and it appears this viewer has added support for those tools. Again, whether these tools work depends on the server more than the viewer. Dolphin gives you the part you need on your side. You still have to wait for the server side. Since I don’t host events in SL, I have no clue how much is working or not.

More work has been done on a feature in this viewer to handle texture download and decode/decompression. Ever since the KDU issues with Emerald and Linden Lab’s realization they could not allow distribution of the KDU library of functions as they had, we have suffered with a load of new texture issues. TPV’s use the OpenJPEG library in place of KDU’s. Some images when uploaded with one cause problems when downloaded with the other. So, even if one used only the main SLV1 or 2 viewers they could run into problems. It’s been a mess, but it is getting better. A new patch in this version should help out.

More Display Name support has been added. It is surprising how many places in the viewers that avatar names appear. All of those have to change to provide full support.

There is a bug fix for SLURL’s…

For those doing scripting there are new scripting functions added. Those scripting with this viewer can use them. This is a big deal for me. I’m eagerly anticipating new functions that the Lab is completing testing on.


I figure this release isn’t making any major changes to settings or caches, so I installed it over the top of the previous version. Everything seems to work well. So, I got away with it.


I logged in and found some appearance issues. I changed clothes in a full on SLV2 series viewer, Kirsten’s, and in Dolphin found I was wearing 2 hair do’s and part of a prim skirt that I took off previously. I’m not sure if this will remain an issue after all the TPV’s move to SLV2 code or not. I am hoping the problem goes away.

Clothes, inventory, rez speed, and etc. all look good. In my enclosed cottage I get 45 to 55 FPS.


I haven’t gotten to spend much time with this viewer. I have it and Kirsten’s to play with now. I’ll add more to this reviewer as I have more time with the viewer.

One thought on “Dolphin Viewer Released Review

  1. “in Dolphin found I was wearing 2 hair do’s and part of a prim skirt that I took off previously.”

    that is because dolphin, like henri’s cool viewer where the code is from, stores the list of worn attachments in a different way than SL v2 does.

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