Phoenix 818 Close…

A new release of Phoenix is near. The release notes are going up as I write.

This version will have full Display Name support. Both 725 and the coming 818 have support for 40 groups. Linden Lab has yet to turn on more groups in the SIM software so don’t get excited… you are still stuck with 25 groups. Only a few SIM’s in Aditi (preview grid) are enabled for more than 25 groups. But, when enabled this viewer has support for more groups.

Voice problems are said to be fixed. Viewer lockups have been worked on and there should be fewer of them. Media fixes are in this release. The ‘Failed to initialize…’ error on launch is supposed to be fixed. This download will have both a SSE and SSE2 download. There was confusion around how 725 handled SSE.  Webkit part has some updates. Changed how textures in the cache are purged, which should avoid some lockups.

This will be a welcome release as combat and RP games using DCS2 have run into problems with SLV2.4. Some are recommending a change to Phoenix or Imprudence.

Wait for it…

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