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OSGrid Meeting in Wright Plaza

OSGrid is one of the larger Open Simulator (OpenSim) virtual worlds. The grid is funded by donations. Several friends and I have simulators connected to OSGrid. Just as SL is updating so too is OSGrid and OpenSim. On Tuesdays the developers have an in-world meeting at 11:00 AM PST in Wright Plaza to talk about recent developments. This is my summary of things I found interesting. 

Disclaimer: Lots of the stuff I heard I may have misunderstood. So, salt this liberally. If you see a mistake where I’ve misunderstood, correct me.

Avie Rez Problems

OSGrid has its share of avatar render problems. The dev’s are working on it. Those repeated claims by TPV Dev’s that it is all Linden Lab’s server software and not a particular viewer are over simplifying the problem. It remains a complex problem of viewer based OpenJPEG and KDU being used to upload images into the asset database and how the viewers use the cache.

OSGrid Inventory Restore

In OpenSim there is a process to restore inventory. I have not looked into how it works. For now it apparently is not working on OSGrid. I found my Imprudence Production version seems to work far better with the cache than my Imprudence Experimental viewer, which reloads the intire inventory at each logon. Whatever the case, OSGrid also has it’s share of inventory issues.

I am a big fan of using separate caches. My inventory has been very stable and I’m not losing inventory in SL or OS. (knocks on wood).


Voice remains a problem in OSGrid. The Kokua viewer may code in support for Mumble. That would give OSGrid a voice system.

Mesh SIM and Viewer

For now the only mesh viewer is Linden Lab’s. While it is true Naali Viewer is a mesh viewer it does not seem to work all that well. I had problems with it. So, Linden Lab is in the lead with their mesh viewer. KirstenLee is developing S(21) to provide render support for meshes but not an upload ability.

So, while OSGrid and OpenSim support mesh now, there is not much one can do with them as most people cannot see them. In non-mesh viewers the mesh appears as a flat jumble of irregular plains. Until there are more viewers that support mesh there is little point in placing meshes in world.

The main mesh page in the SL Wiki does not update the viewer download link to the nightly build. It is stuck on version The last nightly build I could find is As best I can tell, only the Snowstorm updates and a few user interfaces in mesh dialogs have changed. That does not mean code is not changing, just that I can’t see it.

Use this link, if you want the latest LL/SL Mesh Viewer. This should update to point to the nightly build.

Using the SL Mesh Project Viewer to connect to OSGrid is possible, if a PITA. See Mesh to OSGrid – Viewer Changes

Aurora Simulator

Some OpenSim developers have gotten interested in the Aurora Sim and are working on it. Aurora is the simulator that the Imprudence team is targeting with the Kokua Viewer. At one point the Aurora sims were connecting to OSGrid. A recent update broke something and AFAIK they are not currently able to connect.

OSGrid Avatar Profiles

Profiles are now working. The About, Groups, Picks, Interests… they work now. Group chat is apparently still a problem.

3 thoughts on “OSGrid Update

  1. yikes, what inventory and avie issues?

    i have been in OpenSim a year and have had neither issue. i don’t understand what you mean by restoring your inventory? are these for OSGrid accounts because no such issues have happened for me in OpenSim?

    btw, Long Live the Queen! *comment to your Canadian flags* \o/

    • Apparently there is some process for an OpenSim server to restore lost inventory items that remain in the database. Nebadon was talking about getting it working in OSGrid, which is why I assume it is not currently working.

      I have yet to lose inventory items in either SL or OSGrid (knock on wood). I have had problems in both getting items to load.

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