Second Life General Update

Many of the recent changes in Second Life show up in the Wiki. It is hard to know what really changed unless you are into the specific Wiki subject. This is not intended for reading. Skim it for the items that interest you.

The Wiki subjects changing recently are; 

Display Names and Scripting – So many scripts depend on the avatar name. Now with ‘apparent names’ able to change, how does one write a script to allow access or control operation of a scripted object? Something has to change in scripting.

How to Compile SLV2 on Windows – This is a ‘how to’ for those people that compile their own copy of the SL Viewer 2.

LSL Functions and restrained Life – This is about how to make scripts in collars and stuff work with the SL Viewer 2.

Nyx Linden is dealing with various programming issues; mesh source code, mesh JIRA, streaming costs, whether a mesh skin on AV is influenced by appearance sliders, will the buyer of a mesh be able to drag and drop it on a prim, what about a web based inventory (access your inventory from web), is 64m mesh/prim size limit decided, when will Windlight controls for estates show up, rumor control on ‘no mesh upload code for open source’, and ‘where are the Nyx bears?’

Marketplace/Sellers FAQSeveral minor revisions. So, many people are unhappy with the Market Place it is hard to get clear information about what is happening. That team is not yet adopted the transparent design style. Residents and developers then the other is in the dark. I guess they are both right.

Server Release Notes 10/19 – Changes to the server software are still mostly bug fixes and performance upgrades. One fix is with the LSL script command llSetPrimitiveParams and the local rotation of linked prims. This has been messed up for some time. The SimConsole is included in the current RC candidate. We need viewer changes to make it usable, coming soon. When it arrives access will likely be: 1) enable the ‘Develop’ menu 2) press ctrl+shift+` OR go under Develop-UI->Region Debug Console. Sim crossing fixes should come into the test grids week of 10/20. The fixes should reduce snapbacks/rubber-banding and float aways. Group chat is being moved to a new system (per Oskar Linden). The grope… er… group limit is going to 40.

Beta ServerAgenda10/14 Meeting Minutes –  The week of 10/14 the team rolled out two server release candidates to testing for the first time.

Deploys for Week of 2010-10-18 – Blog post by Lil Linden

Le Tigre Release Notes – Le Tigre is one of the server Release Candidate test areas.

Torley’s: Wiki myths busted – about making additions and changes to the Sl Wiki.

Viewer Skins/Starlight – The Starlight Skin has been updated for the new viewer version release.

Second Life Railroad – If you did not know SL has a railroad…

Business Tools – These are changing and updating. They are related to the Market Place.

Mesh/Mesh PhysicsLots of little updates. If you are new to Mesh start at the top: SL Mesh Information

Talk:Agni Pilot Regions – This is for those that want to be included or excluded from the server Release Candidate testing areas. You can also get a list of the regions in the test area.

Second Life International PaymentsI see questions about this in the form all the time.

Blondin Linden’s Zindra Office HourI’m not sure I under stand this…. It’s about Zindra, the red light district of SL. They may actually get around to naming a region Zindra so the place can be found…

In the Forum

Romantic Places in Second Life – O.O …. Ok, it’s not necessarily Zindra.

Rigging tight miniskirt (almost works, sitting down is the problem) – Now this is interesting… This is a problem that has to be figured out. There are suggested solutions and other basic problems that are probably bugs right now.

UploadObjectAsset CAP, Other uses then mesh upload – This is about uploading linked meshes.

Win L$10,000A contest…

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