Phoenix Released?

The change log for is up. I have not yet seen the actual download. So, it is not like I can download the viewer and run it. The download page is still showing release 225. But, we can see what is coming.

Phoenix Viewer Release Notes – Update: 2010-10-05 – released today. Phoenix Viewer Download

Additions to the viewer:

  • PHOE-783: Improved Avatar Textures panel layout – patch by Gisele Oller
  • Added optional PhoenixEnablePieMenuInMouselook to enable pie menu in mouselook with alt.
  • Added the ability to trim down group name lengths when printed in chat history (Resolves PHOE-611)
  • Added debug spam on teleports to help trace failures.
  • Added a notification that says that your not using a version of Phoenix that was built by the phoenix devs. Prompts for action on attempt to login but does not block login due to continue button. Purpose to help support not have to deal with non official releases.
  • PHOE-368: Ability to set color for Object IMs
  • Applied Henri Beauchamp’s modified area search
  • PHOE-847: Auto-complete avatar names in local chat
  • Add support for ATI 5770 graphics cards.
  • Henri’s Oblong Sculpties Details patch
  • Henri’s Oblong Sculpties Rezzing Fix
  • Added colored friends name tags
  • Adds the ability to play “mid volume” voice animation while typing via Debug Setting “PhoenixVoiceAnimWhileTyping”.
  • Adding preference option for showing group name in chat history.
  • Boldify group mods chat
  • patch for PHOE-392: Show $L/sqm on land sale tooltips on world map
  • PHOE-362: Disable Clouds Through Different Viewer Instances. Added PhoenixKillTheClouds, when enabled, it turns the rendering of clouds off after login.

Anticipation …

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