Phillip's SLCC Speech Index

New World Notes put up a link to a recoding of Phillip’s keynote address to SLCC; Philip Rosedale Offers Second Life Roadmap

The camera work is absolutely horrible. The sound is very good.

I made an index of the speech as I listened. This should help you find the items in which you are interested.


—Started off with a list of things LL is committed to
09:00 Fast Easy Fun like iPhone
11:15 Back to basics meaning
12:15 Win back the technology lead
…Streaming Animation
…Wants LL to be the first and best in virtual worlds
13:40 Economy – Phillip uses this word to mean more than most people think
16:22 Lag – To be fixed. The Chris Pirillo video seems to have had an effect
18:15 Fast development cycles – may be weekly
19:00 Viewer consistancy with a dominant viewer
20:00 Delivering content – Conside whether it is Fast, Easy, Fun to put shoes on?
21:30 New users will be directed to content they want rather training areas
—Specifics to be fixed before the end of the year
22:40 Group chat and region crossing
…Dropout and lag in group chat
24:00 LL is divided into15 teams
…Region Crossings and TP’s are to be improved – Better tools for seeing the complexity of avatars
25:50 Reduce start up time by half
26:50 HTTP Texture – faster asset delivery
27:30 Get more AV’s in region with 1st stage changes this year – big jumps in future
28:45 More control to landowner over others AV’s complexity
—Second List
29:30 will ship meshes before end of year – These will make a big improvement in hair and reduce render load.
32:50 Display names away from list style selection – Adding controllable names on same AV, login ID and AV ID
35:15 Viewer self update to be done in background and moving toward weekly
35:40 Viewer Open Source integration
36:00 Teen Grid – The big problem is inability to move content from Teen Grid to the Main Grid
…13 to 15 year olds to be dropped for now (see questions) – start looking to see how to support 13-15 year olds
—end commitment list 40:00
40:15 Phillip AV ends 44:15
45:00 Content Rights – 47:00 Creator can take content off grid – Stds Certs
49:15 Intergrid transfer LL not working on it now
49:50 Why Googleize search – 2 search systems Market and in-world
…Trying to figure out Relevance for search
54:10 Can LL get good news stories out?
…metrics flat – not falling off cliff. SL is stable and slowly growing
59:24 What is stratagy for mobile?
…175 product employees
…Working on experiments – Phillip is holding back as not solid information
64:00 Question Closing Teen Grid. Tragic mistake closing teen grid for 13-15
67:00 Most info not coming from LL – Communications
71:00 End

New World Notes has an article about the Teen Grid that is a Q&A with Phillip. Philip Rosedale Q&A With Shava Suntzu: Teens & Second Life, Open Source, Interoperability, Search & Topics Galore

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