Imprudence Viewer Beta 5 Review

Imprudence has a new build out, released Sunday. This apparently is not considered a weekly build, but it is this week’s build. The viewer installs over the Imprudence Viewer, not the weekly Imprudence Viewer. This is a standard and SSE2 optimized viewer. See Imprudence SSE2 Optimization to know if you can use the optimized verion. Get the viewer here: Imprudence 1.3.0 beta 5 Released

I am excited about this viewer. What has me excited is server side Windlight. Imprudence calls it LightShare. Oh why… don’t we have this in SL? Apparently this is a feature implemented by Magne Metaverse Research back in December 2009 and now added to Imprudence and is where the name comes from. (Lightshare)

I will be looking  looked into how this works and making with hopes of changing my OSGrid sims. This gives gave me a good reason to work with Windlight. Until know it has been too hard to get visitors to my region to use specific Windlight settings. If the server can push the settings to the visitor (only Meta7 grid can), things get much easier and take lots of complication away for the visitor. But now the Imprudence Viewer can be used on the Meta7 grid.

Alpha and Tattos layers… now working.

Imprudence now has OpenSim LSL commands/functions built in. The super handy OS-LSL functions not available in SL are a big deal over on the OpenSim side. One of the big ones is the ability to write information to a note card. LL is concerned about griefers miss using the function. OpenSim allows region operators to decide who can use the function and whether it is active at all, which is true of all the OS-LSL specific functions. One of which is an AWESOME teleport function.

There is a new planar texture tool… now that could be real handy. I have never understood how planar texture settings work. The math makes no sense to me. I trial and error it until I see what I want. More about this as I learn more.

Imprudence has added Tiny Prim support, something I think Hippo has… one of them… I’m using too many viewers and its getting to where I can’t keep features straight in my mind. Whichever, Imprudence Viewer will now handle mega-prims of unlimited size and tiny-prims down to 0.001m. Hollow size to 99% rather than just 95% is way handy too.

The AO has been improved. I’ll have to compare it to Emerald’s. For now I still use ZHAO II in SL and OS.

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