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Myst Uru Bevin (neighborhood)

Those that have played the Myst games made by Cyan Worlds, Inc. (First Myst game cira 1993) will be glad to know that Myst Online Uru Live has reopened and is free to play.

The official opening was about two weeks ago. The first week was tough. The servers overloaded as thousands rushed to download the game. Both download and game servers were overloaded. Those problems have been handled and things are much smoother now.

There is a donation button on the Myst Online Play page. Donations were generous enough that Cyan Worlds could upgrade the servers. That has helped with game play being smoother. Download mirrors have been set up so one can take advantage of their high speed connections for downloading.

Download at: Myst Online Uru Live AgainIf you have never played a Myst game, check out Seraphina Brennan‘s article, The reasons why you need to play Myst Online: Uru Live written in 2008. You will start to understand there is a strong community supporting the game. To get an idea of the number of fan run sites supporting Myst visit

Massively has a running history of Myst Online Uru Live. (Massively search on Myst Uru) The game is opened, closed, re-opened… This incarnation it is as a free to play step in the path to open source and a fan run game. In trying to get to open source there are …complications… and may be some parent-child hesitations about letting it out of the nest to fly on its own. As it is now fans are developing ages (game play regions – mods) in Blender and using the stand alone single player game Path of The Shell to test them.

Devokan Second Life

SL's Devokan (Closed)

It has been about two years since the GameTap run version of the game closed. In that time Myst-Uru players have gone to play other games. There are contingents of Uru fans in most of the big MMO’s, i.e., WoW, Guild Wars, EVE, THERE, Second Life, OpenSIM, and others. There are about 600 fans in Second Life and several Myst style builds. The newest one is Crux Isle, a free to play puzzle region. I first wrote about Crux Isle in April of 2009. It opened in February this year. Devokan was a noted build in Second Life that made Linden Labs Show Case. It has …cut back… in Second Life and moved the main build of two regions to four regions in OSGrid. Construction is on going.

(Writing still in progress 2/23 – check back)

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