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Update 10/5/09

Today Massively is reporting that a number of those using the Neil Life Viewer for IP theft have been banned. See; Linden Lab rounds up and ejects a bunch of copyright infringers

Original Post

New World Notes posted a warning about the Neil Life Viewer. The viewer is said to have been made by Gwyneth Llewelyn, it was NOT! This viewer may be a phishing attempt (steal your password). UPDATE 8/10: Massively has added their voice and a few details to the saga. See: Dodgy Second Life viewer doing the rounds

This viewer claims to have all the tools one needs to steal content in Second Life. News of the ‘new’ viewer is being distributed in SL via note card announcement. It appears someone took one of Gwyneth’s note cards (she has loads of full permission cards out there) and changed the content so it would look like she sent it. Obviously they think her name recognition will get them in the door.

Avoid the Neil Life Viewer and tell your freinds to avoid it. Most important of all… Please help Gwyneth as she asks, “I should say that my abuse report to Linden Lab (#1606110) might probably be ignored since I couldn’t identify either the creator of the spam item or of the “Neil Life” software. So I’d naturally appreciate if anyone gets the notecard, or any information related to the creators of the illegal software, and report it to Linden Lab as well, or, if you prefer, to let me know so that I can follow up on my own reports.

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