Second Life Emerald Viewer’s Unverified Chat?

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OTR Menu in Emerald Viewer

Update 8/8

Some people are getting stuck in encrypted IM sessions. Try closing the session and restarting. The latest update of the viewer is supposed to resolve the problem, I don’t see the problem since I turned it off (see original post below).

Some builders working with small objects have found the edit arrow used to move objects are too far away from the object. Check this post to correct the problem. Emerald Pivot Point

Bug Tracker

Greenlife Emerald (GLE) Viewer Bug Tracking has its own issue tracker system. You can find it here: Emerald Viewer Issue Tracker

12/3/09: I’ve added an index to all the Emerald Viewer Reviews. See: Emerald Viewer Review Index

Original Post

Those of us using Greenlife Emerald viewer version 1.23.4 (439) have started seeing this message popping up in IM’s, “Unverified conversation started. (some name here) has not been authenticated, …” followed by a link one can click. Dare you click it? Did you click it without thinking?

Others have been seeing IM’s like this, “?OTR:AAIDAAAAAAIAAAADAAAAwAkHYuctj0COxRFVBmvP07fG5 EAOiUuUMDmyhuyPujOp6Cyts1TKmvUBZtsb0FLufJ5O642P9KxUEZAGLCQyxJRkuicoF17d+fuF4iYVfiNFMcg7pTZD3TcY12DMK8v3s05yK75nCwoXWzOrpUs0qp+BmXU5NVFDWvrMtAWeXwKwxCctrEQwA+PajmnxSPJR1ohKNSlDBa6BGCJFFmQAWceVD2zeL72rT7OmSkxNIiooni4ppQwq/OBut282glsygwAAAAAAAAABAAAAQqCkYHJojuOuwcXUeW7qVLmzFS20FS7Xjyyk9gUuDfk0NiE9VOfEnbHaiUvNU61i1nhFtTEnOZ1ZiKMzC9E5qMjOiVHxicCfX+p1f6jPIc3fa2FgUuboAAAAFFd PZv1ERJEPblXhStR7vpKr2J3i.

Both of these are caused by OTR (Off The Record), a built in encryption for SL viewer IM’s. One can turn it on or off by using EDIT (top menu) -> Preferences -> Emerald  -> IM -> Decline use of OTR.

You can learn more about OTR on Now whether or not you need it is another matter. Unfortunately there is not much information on using the feature with the Emerald viewer.

See my earlier review of Greenlife Emerald Viewer.

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