Snowglobe Viewer Review Updated

Update 11/29

Snowglobe Experimental Viewer Review Update

Update 8/6

Massively has posted an update on Snowglobe. They have a Snowglobe Review with a list of changes, fixes and additions.

Update 7/30

Something is happening with the new server updates… I am seeing ‘This Region is running a different version…’ notices. I’ll check that out once I have time. But the effect is I’m seeing Snowglobe lockups in just a few minutes. However, the Emerald lockups have stopped…

Update: The final half of the grids are in update (server 1.27.1) and rolling restarts as of this morning. Yesterday the first half were done between 7 and 10:45 AM SLT (PST).

Original Post

The Second Life viewer Snowglobe was updated to release, July 21, 2009.

A even more recent version is Snowglobe, July 23, 2009. Use it at your own risk. This is the newest, most advanced and the most unpredictable version. It too is available at the link above.

Since the Snowglobe Viewer for Second Life is the developer’s viewer and uses the newest features, it has bugs. One must accept and expect problems. To get an idea of what the problems are read the JIRA item: Issue (bugs) Navigator — Snowglobe-1.0

For detailed current information on the Snowglobe Viewer read Snowglobe Current Cycle

Read the previous review here: Snowglobe 1.1.0 Update Review

Update 7/27/09

Saturday I played with the Snowglobe Viewer version After a couple of hours I began to see problems. The FPS would hit anywhere from 0.5 to 4 or 5 FPS. There would be viewer locks lasting 5 to 15 seconds, the viewer would at times go black and seeminly do some kind of reset. Not fun for use in a combat sim. The sim stats would look good, i.e., time dialtion at 1.0 and sim fsp at 44. It appears the problems are client side. A relog seems to fix the problems for a time.

On Sunday I tried the ‘at your own risk‘ Snowglobe Viewer version 1-1-0-2565 (7/26/09). All of the reduced FPS rates, black viewer screen and lockups stopped. I ran for a number of hours (over 4) and never needed a relog. Low FPS was always related to sim slow down.

With this later version I was seeing frame rates in the 25 to 60 fps range. In the earlier version I was seeing rates of 15 to 30. Seems some things improved.

Greenlife Emerald Viewer Review Update

I’ll stick this in here to… see: GreenLife Emerald Viewer Review for the earlier review.

I’m now using the Emerald version 1.23.4 (288). The viewer version number now shows in the very lower right corner of the viewer pre-login. I am seeing the same problems as mentioned above, i.e., low FPS, lockups, etc. I really like the Emerald viewer and many of its features. I hope these problems are fixed in the next build released.

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