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Flickr requires one to link to the Flickr site if images are used in any site other than Flickr. Our free accounts are paid for by traffic to the flicker site. So, this is understandable if annoying. This is a way to make placing these images in WordPress pages easier.

From Flickr they have an option to let one blog about a photo. They do up the page code needed to make it work and push the entry to your WordPress blog. My problem is I need an image to support my post, not be about the image. It just does not work for me.

WP-Flicker Tip1

Visual Edit Mode

What I do is write my post in Word and upload it as a DRAFT using the lower half of the Publish button. On the blog I move to the dashboard and select the post to edit. Most of us start out in ‘VISUAL’ edit mode. I flip the editing to HTML mode. The modes are two tabs at the top of the edit window. See the upper right of the first image. I read down edit window to find the place where I want to insert the image. I click and place the cursor there.

WP-Flicker Tip2

Copy the code from Flickr

I open Flickr in another tab or window and find the picture I want. Once I click on it I go to All Sizes and select the size I want. With my blog it needs to be Small. Once the small image page opens you will see two options. Copy the HTML stuff from option 1. I click in the box, press Ctrl-A to select ALL then Ctrl-C to copy it.

WP-Flicker Tip3

Paste code into HTML mode edit

Return to the tab or window with your blog. Make sure you are in HTML edit mode. Paste the HTML stuff in just ahead of the text where you want the image to appear. Now switch back to Visual mode editing. You should see something like the image.

WP-Flicker Tip5

Image selected ready for edit

Now click on the image. It will turn blue and two icons will appear in the upper left. They are Image Edit and Delete. Select the image edit.

WP-Flicker Tip6

Image Edit Dialog

A new dialog window appears over the page. Fill it out and select Left or Right so the text will flow around the image. You may also select the advanced options. At the bottom of that dialog is the handy “Open link in a new window” option. I usually select that so people are not bounced away from my blog.

WP-Flicker Tip7

After the image edit

OK your way out and your image should now look something like the images here, depending on the thyme you selected for your blog.

Doing the copy-paste-edit this way saves you having to edit the html by hand or even know what the code means. So, far it is the simplest way I’ve found to add my Flickr images. Let me know if you have found a better way.

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  1. This tip made me smile. 🙂 I usually just use the HTML editor to compose my posts. Maybe I’m doing it the hard way. 🙂

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