Myst-Uru: Crux Isle

Myst-Uru Style Crux Isla

Myst-Uru Style Crux Isla

This is the semi-secret build that Jandai Writer and Taimaru Hak are working on with maybe a hand given by a few here and there that are sworn to secrecy. Its Jandai’s build. Originally code named Puzzle Island (I’m being dramatic) a few of us have been privileged to see it. We had to promise secrecy. Since Jandai put pictures on her blog and linked from the ECC (Explorers’ Community Chronically – SL Group Newsletter), I figure I can let that much out of the bag.

This is a Myst-Style build and game. You are not going to see any of the Myst/Uru ages (regions) in Crux Isle, at least as far as I know. You may see an artifact here and there that reminds you of something in Myst-Uru. This is all new puzzles and I think new story. We will have to wait until it opens to find out. But you can see pictures now on Jandai’s blog Coffee Break: Crux Isle and learn al little about the Isle.

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