Land of NoR Town Hall Meeting

New information and interesting questions were features of Saturday’s town hall meeting for SL’ers play LoN (Land of NoR – SLURL). Luxa Budan and Mystyka Gray were the moderators speaking for LoN. For those interested in RPG’s and what makes the successful ones tick, this reveals some of the thinking going on inside.

The Massive Dark RPG - Land of NoR

The Massive Dark RPG - Land of NoR

Luxa said, “Now there is a poll up on Land of NoR Forum to see what kind of future you would like to see for the sim configurations. Merge the continents or no. If you haven’t yet, take the time to vote.” Suggesting that they are planning on joining or in some other way changing the configuration of NoR’s continents. The poll is in progress be sure to vote. So far the idea of separate but joined by a land bridge is the most popular by about 2 to 1. They also say NoR is on a sim freeze mostly because of the LL devaluation of sims. So, no new sims are planned for anytime soon.

Free LoN Groups to End

Luxa said, “Also to regulate the people spamming the chats and to cut down on general asshatery we are going to make the groups fee based to join. The lindens will be supplied back to the community through SL’s distribution system for groups. Certain members of staff will have the ability to invite legitimate people into the groups. Naturally if you are already in the group you will not have to pay to join.”

Future Events and MIssions

Mystyka Gray speaking about future events and ‘game missions’ said, “I’d also like to mention. In the coming future, please look forward to MANY things coming to NoR. This includes things we’ve done in the past….. The Dagger Events, Mass tournaments, more Live Acts (music). We’re looking to continue to enhance what NoR is, while sticking with things we know the community enjoys.”

Luxa says there is a new hush-hush build coming for Megapolis, hopefully within a couple of weeks.

The no AO’s in combat “rule” came up. This is an old rule now being enforced because of animations and AO’s that provide an edge in combat. Discussion is on the forum here: No AO in Combat

Coming New WARPS Meter and Rule-Set

The new WARPS meter is still delayed due to changes in Mono (LL scripting language) and server updates. The best answer one can get on its arrival is ‘soon’. Along with the WARPS meter update is the possibility of a free-character-reroll. They are trying to get the new skills (rule set – WOTA 2) and WARPS out at the same time and have one massive reroll. When the new rule set comes out there will be a mandatory reroll. There will soon be a meeting about WARPS and the new API. With the new rule-set there are alternative ways to gain Experience Points (XP).

Experience Points

That started a discussion on Experience Point Clock Ticks. There is opinion that bringing the outlying areas tick from 3 points to 4 or 5 would give players incentive to move into outlying areas rather than concentrate in the cities. That discussion is never ending. For now it seems LoN management feels some higher click in the cities is desirable, but they are considering possible changes. Xanranis Jaxxon succinctly pointed out an issue RP’s have with the combat players, that there is an idea RP tends to be in outlying areas and give combat types and advantage thus relegating RP’s to defeat-rp only. Mystyka Gray pointed out that one cannot just imply RP’s lose because of WARPS level and that combat-junkies never enrich the story. Saying it is the whole LoN experience that makes LoN enjoyable. Luxa points out that it is easy to hang out in a LoN home and soak up xp and avoid RP and defeat, which is big reason in management’s mind for the split XP rates.

There is also the fact, pointed out by Xanranis, that Megapolis and Remembrance are ‘optimized’ builds designed with the thought of reducing lag. Outlying areas not so much. Luxa points out that LoN is also designed to balance RP and combat. Its large size is a factor in providing players the freedom to choose how and with who they want to play. Its popularity indicates it is working.

LoN’s Health and Growth

A question on the population growth and health of LoN was asked. Luxa answered that the community is overall trending upwards year by year and health is fine. Pointing out that there are things that cause all RPG’s to see a dip in player participation, the onset of warm weather, opening of new games and ‘hardtimes’, I think meaning large disagreements in the player base. Luxa feels LoN weathers those better than other RPG’s.

In all, I think, an interesting town hall meeting. Your opinions?

Update 7/18/09

See Land of Nor WARPS/XRPS

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