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Photographers need interesting places to photograph. SL has loads of them. I use NWN and now  Ysé Sliffeuse et Gloodeuse along with others to find interesting places. However, you may notice some of those cool photos don’t look like the place you see when you get there. It is not Photoshop that makes the difference. It can but, it is Windlight that makes a big difference.So if you have not explored Windlight, do so before your next photographic mission. And then there is the appearance and quality of images placed on one’s blog…

WordPress Upload via Word - JPG

I started noticing that some of my images looking sharp on my workstation look blurry on my blog. Eck! SO, whasup with that? Well here is a bit of an experiment. This first image is a JPG file pasted into Word and so nicely uploaded without any effort from me. Way easy. Good Word. Good WordPress.

Upload via direct WordPress upload

Upload via direct WordPress upload

Next I used WordPress to upload an image and place it in my blog. This is a bit more work but I have to edit the image display anyway, so not that much more.

Yse PNG Test - Via WordPress direct upload

Yse PNG Test - Via WordPress direct upload

I also wondered if it was a JPG thing. So, I used a PNG image. If you don’t know what JPG’s and PNG’s are… you must be new to digital photography. So, go read about them at Atalasoft.

Eek! OMG! What is this gallery thing?WordPress is trying to insert a Gallery. Ok, got that sorted out.

Now these images are up. The problem seems to be Word. The top image is the fuzzy one.

The middle JPG is pretty nice. It is acceptable. (12k image)

The bottom one, the PNG is slightly better. I think PNG files win. But, JPG is a bit smaller file and not that bad. The PNG here is an 8 bit image and about 18k.

Ok, either JPG or PNG and no using Word image inserts any more.

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