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Finding my previous post item I wondered what CNN is up to now. Well, CNN provides a place for virtual world types to report on the things they find. Now that is cool. They probably don’t want to pay a report to cover our worlds but at least they will let us do it. And who better could do it?

So, if you aspire to be a writer/reporter/journalist, check out iReport or visit CNN in world. You can learn how to be a reporter and file stories on iReport. Cool. I think the world needs more good reporters. Professional Journalists seem to be a bunch of lazy slime bags with no connection to RL… is that PC enough? Whatever, it’s time the people took back their countries and out the corrupt and abusive politicians and scam artists. Obviously the current main stream media reports have no clue. They certainly have no clue about the politics and abuses in virtual worlds or the directions they are taking.

So, here is your chance to tell your truth, biting stories, bizarre tales and fun stories. You may be able to change a virtual world with your writing. However, to do that you must register with iReports. To register one needs to provide RL contact information. If one is to post on a ‘reputable’ news outlet, they must be able to be held responsible.

iReport also gives one a list of the key things they want in a story. I modified that some so don’t blame them for what I wrote;

  • How, what, when, where, and why… the basics.
  • Truth – boy in today’s world there is a shortage of truth in the media.
  • Fairness – which is something else I think most main stream media lacks.
  • Does this story matter? Sort of the why question in regard to why am I reading this? And what will I do about it or what can they do about it.
  • Write to the level of your audience. If you address children, you have to consider their age and what they can understand. With college professors it is often necessary to simplify even more. For professional journalists try to use only single syllable words. For the average citizen college level writing is acceptable.
  • Excitement & suspense – often called pace, this is a matter of building curiosity that keeps one reading. Move the story along.
  • Emotion or connection – does the story feel real? Does it stir the reader?
  • If you go with a video, write the script and story board. Plan it out and meet the criteria listed above.

…of course you could skip iReoprts and start your own blog. But stories on iReport could point to things you have written on your blog. Every link coming into a blog helps.

Now you’re set to save the virtual world of your choice… have fun.

iReport is some trademarked thing of CNN which is some trademarked thing of someone…

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