Second Life vs IMVU

As best I can tell people use either Second Life or IMVU. It may just be the circles I run in but, I never hear people saying they play in both. I suspect a few do. So, the Reddit threat on Second Life or IMVU? Caught my attention. For a rational discussion it would seem people would need to have experienced both.

There aren’t many people in the conversation so far. Those engaging so far have been in both. Yay!

Karma Lighthouse

The word for new people trying SL is to stay out of the Safe Hubs. I agree. If you have seen the video Hamlet pointed to in Reddit’s Griefer-Free /SecondLife Community you’ll probably agree it represents the mentality found in the Safe Hubs. Sadly pathetic.

The discussion about the video is getting pretty long. Hamlet labels it ‘special’. I suppose if one takes the video and discussion at face value it is pretty special. Otherwise it is a mash up of various people on about whatever is their thing.

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Commerce Update 2013

The beginning of this month the Second Life™ Market Place got a new update. The update deals mostly with email. But, there are 7 bug fixes too. 

My Test Avatar @ IMVU

My Test Avatar @ IMVU

Market Place (MP) email now has a number of setting to turn on and off email notice of for different events. The new events are:

  • An email to the recipient when a redelivery of an item they should have received occurs
  • An email to the merchant when a redelivery of an item in their store occurs
  • An email of any change to revenue distributions on a listing are made: addition and removal
  • An email to the recipient of a revenue distribution when a sale occurs
  • An email when an item is unlisted or blocked as a result of a flag
  • An email when a review is added, removed, commented on or flagged and removed (all to the merchant)

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