Second Life: Project Bento Update 2016 w33

I was a little late getting to the meeting. Then slow rez’ing left my butt hanging out, literally. :/ I had some time Saturday so I got the video cleaned up. There were some long periods of no voice discussion. There was some chat. I sped up the video. After I was done I noticed the video and chat got out of sync. The chat lags the video by several seconds.

You’ll hear Vir Linden answering questions before they appear in chat.

I did a quick summary of the video and tossed in time marks.

01:00± – There is a gotcha associated with Collada uploads using the current Bento Viewer In the current version the SLM file is not replaced or deleted when you update the DAE file. So, even if you fix a problem the error notice reappears on the next upload attempt. Delete your SLM files to work-around the problem. 

04:00± – Vir Linden says varices in mesh objects are getting corrupted at high altitudes. The mesh gets distorted. The Lindens consider this a small enough problem they may release Project Bento to RC without fixing it. It affects all mesh so, it is not just a Bento issue. Vir thinks it may be a problem in how the Lab used CPU’s SSE features.

To gain speed they were sacrificing math precision. The problem only shows up at high altitude.

5:30± – Scale locking for animated mesh items may be a post Bento project. It is not going to be in Bento’s first release. Some have asked for an ability to have sliders NOT affect a mesh. I’m not sure exactly what they mean or what is being affected and when.

07:00 Maya avatar files on the Bento Test page in the Wiki updated by Cathy Foil. The files use latest slider fixes. There are Male and Female avatar files. They both use the same skeleton. They are made from different morphs. The face and fingers are fully rigged. Alas. There are no tail or wings.

Cathy was expecting to get FBX files of the new skeletons/avatars done by Saturday (8/20). FBX will be for Blender users.

09:00 – There is a problem with animations using collisions bones that stop working. Vir says they have a fix and it will be in next Bento release.

9:40 – Release date discussion – Release and testing is somewhat sidelined by joint issues. Until fixed schedule is sort of on hold. Vir is still thinking August – Oct’ish.

11:00 – Forum thread on waist and legs being pinched in with Bento avatars. No JIRA, Vir speculating.

12:30 – AvaStar issues are making it hard for people to do testing. This bug means the majority of people trying to test Bento can’t because of problems with AvaStar. If the content creators are stuck and there is no content coming in to test with, the Lab can’t know that all the bugs have been found. So, while still working on Bento, the Lab can’t project when AvaStar will fix and people will be able to upload Bento content.

15:00 – Elizabeth Jarvinen aka Polysail is writing a 3D Max version of AvaStar/MayaStar.

Discussion of slider problems when building something to simulate how SL sliders work in a modeling program. Vir is organizing a group to work together to help build the tools for the modeling programs.


The green-n-pink guy in the video splash and closing screens is Torley Linden… I suspect Torley is the only person in SL that is identified by color more than any other part of his appearance. (I am a Torley fan.)

2 thoughts on “Second Life: Project Bento Update 2016 w33

  1. “Vir Linden says varices in mesh objects are getting corrupted at high altitudes. ”

    I see this as a big problem, if it happen on heights below 4096 meters. So on what height is this going to happen ?

    • Took it to be the old problem around for a long time and not just with Bento avatar mesh. That is the 4k+ problems, which I think of as a non-issue. But, that it is coming up with Bento suggests at some lower altitude.

      Chase down Cathy Foil or Marice or Gaia and ask.

      It apparently isn’t that much of an issue as the Lindens plan to leave a fix for post RC release.

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