Latif Khalifa has passed away

Latif Khalifa has passed away… age 46 I understand. I barely knew him. I would hear/see him in some of the SL user group meetings. My take is he was an interesting personality. I agree with the bloggers I’ve read that he will be missed, at least by those that knew what he was about.

You not being here just makes me cry

You not being here just makes me cry

Gimisa tells me “Diva Canto” wrote:

Latif’s contributions to the open source SL ecosystem were vast and varied. He was one of the original contributors, and the main maintainer, of libOMV, a library that embodies the LL protocol and data structures. LibOMV lies at the heart of OpenSimulator, as well as many SL/OpenSim bots developed by lots of people.

Latif also developed Radegast, an alternative viewer used by many, especially people with disabilities. He also contributed to the Singularity viewer and its offshoot, Replex. He participated in the SL Architecture Working Group, and in many technical discussions in the OpenSim-dev IRC chat channel. He was a vocal advocate of free open source software.

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