Second Life Photography 2015-05

Seems everyone is blogging something about photography in Second Life and how wonderful it is with SL Go. I’ve used SL Go and it is a great way to go, if…

If your computer is old, under powered, has a weak video card, or you need to be mobile then SL Go is the solution. You can get faster rendering and run on Ultra graphics settings. But, if you have a good desktop, SL Go offers faster scene rendering and that is about it. Textures load quickly and while I was using SL Go I never saw a texture fail to render leaving me with a gray something in the scene. These are big pluses and I am certain improve the SL experience for many.

However, there are two things that have made my photographic experience in Second Life more enjoyable and neither of those are available for SL Go users… well, actually one. The Firestorm Photo-Tools and SpaceNavigator are the two things that make my photography easier and better. Firestorm is available for SL Go (reference – Dec 2014). So, the Photo-Tools are available for SL Go users. 

If you don’t know about Photo-Tools, jump over to YouTube and check out the Firestorm Photo-Tools.

If you don’t know about SpaceNavigator (SN), again jump over to YouTube and check out fuzonacid’s tutorial: Second Life Tutorial Space Navigator (3:17 minutes). This is more of a demo of what you can do with SN than how to use it or set it up. Another demo is: Practicing 3Dconnexion SpaceNavigator in Second Life by Crystal Doll Lemon.

If you need help setting up SN see my article: 3DConnextion SpaceNavigator v10 for Second Life.

Using SN for photos gives one a freedom the keyboard and mouse cannot provide. Of course any controller that gets you away from having to use the mouse/keyboard camera anchor point (Alt-Left click and drag) can provide the same freedom.

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