Second Life Bits 2014-34

India on Second Life

There is an article in India Times’ Economic Times on a company making US$16k/month from virtual animals, Fennux. It seems there are 1.2 million of the little guys in SL.

Fantasy Fair 2014

Fantasy Fair 2014

We find they think there are about  4,000 users logging into SL from India. I am not sure how they know that. Also, that they spend 67,000 hours in SL. I wonder if the Indian government is logging their Internet activity?

See: A Tumkur start-up VentureNext earns Rs 10 lakh a month by creating virtual creatures

Hamlet Sells Ads

New World Notes is offering to sell click through advertising and let SL users pay for it with Linden Dollars. Now there is a concept. This could be a great alternative to using Linden Lab’s advertising, which is so buggy there are daily complaints in the SL Forum where people plea for help getting their ad accounts turned off.

I have no doubt that hamlet would be far more responsive to problems.

See: Advertise Your Second Life Content on New World Notes With Linden $ – Here’s Typical Click through Rates You’ll Get.

His click through rates are far better than I have gotten with Google’s Adwords at $10/day. So, you may want to check it out.

Chat Servers

More people are commenting about group chat issues. In Friday’s TPV Meeting that problem was brought up. Oz Linden did not have any hard data to say either way. His subjective take was that something was up.

Since then I’ve seen posts in the forum and comments here and at SLUniverse.

The current advice is that if your group starts having problems, contact support and ask for the chat server to be restarted.

See Whirly Fizzle’s comment in the forum: Chat Server seems odd today.

Second Life Trains

[image] If you are into trains, the wiki page on SLGI Trains has been getting lots of updates over the last week or so. Ana Imfinity (Anaimfinity Resident) has been making most of the updates.

If you haven’t tried riding the SL railroads, it is worth the time to try it. I had fun with it. But, I can fly so I’m not a regular rider.

Firestorm Viewer

Yesterday I posted about its release. Today I see the new feature list has been updated. See: 4.6.7 new Features.

There is a list of ‘Known Bugs’ included in the page. Before reporting a bug it is good form to check this list.

SL Viewer Blurry Textures

This has been an annoyance to me for some time. Textures render fully then go blurry and sometimes stay blurry. Today I see a fix has been pulled into SL Viewer 3.7.15 just for that problem. I am hoping that is the fix I’ve been waiting on. (geeks only: indra/llmessage/lltransfermanager.cpp)

If you are trying to take pictures the problem is exceptionally annoying. I have no idea how people make machinima with the blurring going on. Grrrr..


There are some amazing photographers placing SL pictures on Flickr. Unfortunately most of the images are all rights reserved copyrighted. So, I don’t post copies here. I have yet to figure out why some of the promotional pictures for products are not posted with a Creative Commons license. The point of product promotional images is to get the product in front of as many eyes as possible.

Fortunately many do bear the CC license.


Finding the good artists/photographers is trick. There is no place that collects the best images. As I find good artists I follow them. Strawberry Singh is one of the top avatar photographers I enjoy. Connie Arida does busy scenes/still-life’s that I think are awesome. Kirsty Oherlihy is the sexiest avatar I’ve ever seen, but her product promotional pictures are All Rights Reserved… 🙁 Carthalis Rossini does bright vibrant images I like. Isa Messioptra’s Single Frame Movies magically capture moods, feelings, and whole stories. There are too many more to name.

You can check out the images I think are awesome here: Nalates Favs. Suggest those artists you like.

The Flickr group Second Life is Looking Good has great images and some not so great. In general I think most are better than average. I wish more of these were CC licensed.

The Flickr group SL Avatars is another good group of images.

The Flickr group SL Models is an interesting collection of images. NSFW in general. I think this group’s definition of ‘pictures of models’ needs some work. While the group is intended to have a Vogue/Maxim feel, it sometimes slides over into porn. I don’t recall either Vogue or Maxim showing explicit coupling.


Ciaran has an article up on why Linden Lab should cut ties with Facebook. See: Second Life Should Cut The Facebook Cord. His main reason is because Facebook donated to support a politician that opposes gay marriage…

Let’s get real. Most politicians that are SAID to oppose gay marriage actually oppose changing the definition of the word ‘marriage’. They do not oppose the union of gays, which is how propagandists portray them for political purposes. The word ‘marriage’ has become a propaganda word used in distorting the message to manipulate the gullible uninformed non-thinkers.

Ciaran give some service to Facebook’s position but never goes into the in depth reasons why FB is supporting the politician. It’s just the single point and intolerance of diversity.

If FB can help promote SL, I can’t see why the Lab should care much about what FB does, that doesn’t directly harm people or reduce their freedom. Politics produces strange bed fellows and life is complex. Intelligent decisions are seldom made from such shallow information.

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